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Van Dorn Enterprises Inc.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured
Excavation Services Contractor
Oregon, Washington & Idaho
OREGON #41145
IDAHO # RCE29957

(503) 769-4504

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 7-5 p.m. Mon–Thurs

1775 W Washington Street
PO Box 930 
 Stayton, OR 97383 

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Our Excavation Equipment

Some of our excavation & drilling equipment includes:

• (8) Backhoes
• (4) Mini-Excavators
• 35000 lb Excavator
• Excavator Chipping Hammer
• (4) Directional Drills
• (4) Cable Plows
• (6) Dump Trucks
• Vacuum Wagon
• Water Truck
• Vacuum Truck
• Truck & Lowboy Hauler
• Boring Missiles
• Maxi Sneakers
• Rock Saw
• (4) Air Compressors
• Fiber Blowing Machine
• Line Locator
• EX30 Samurai Brush Flail
• 72” Brusher
• Support Equipment as needed!

(503) 769-4504


Who We Are . . .
Licensed, bonded and insured, we have been an Oregon-based Utilities Excavation Contractor since 1982. Van Dorn Enterprises Inc. specializes in the installation of buried plant construction for the telecommunications industry.  Read more about us . . .

Our Work Ethic
We take pride in knowing that we complete excavation projects and various related jobs, to specifications and within contract deadlines. We also strive to be certain that our work site looks as good as, or better than, it did before we entered the project.

We've completed hundreds of other excavation projects and as a turn-key operation, we have the equipment to be able to make any type of dirt work faster and easier for you!

Home & Property Owner Excavation Projects
For smaller properties or homeowner projects, our excavation equipment is available in various Oregon locations including: Stayton, Pendleton, Madras and any surrounding areas.

Types of excavation projects include road boring and burial of all types of conduit and pipe for various applications. We have completed several land clearing and site development projects that include tree and stump removal, brushing, ditch and roadway maintenance, and agricultural pond development. Excavation services offered:

  • Road Bores & Trenching

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Underground Pipe Installation

  • Underground Conduit Installation

  • Locate Underground Utility Lines

  • Agricultural Pond Construction

  • Stock Pond Renovations

  • Ditches and Roadwork

  • Asphalt Grinding & Removal

  • Grubbing & Stump Removal

  • Land Clearing & Brushing

  • Excavations & Dirt Work

Cable & Utility Excavation Projects
We have over three decades of experience in the construction of Broadband and Communication Network Facilities. We have installed 100’s of miles of telephone and fiber optic cables throughout Oregon and Washington over various and rough terrain and in all types of conditions. Specializing in underground telecommunication installations.

  • Open Dig Trenching

  • Cable Plowing

  • Horizontal Directional Drilling

  • Drilling and Boring

  • Blowing Fiber

  • Micro Duct Installation

  • Micro Fiber Installation

  • Buried Services

A Few of Our Underground Cable Customers


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